Non-Stick Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat

Product Description

The revolutionary Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat has a 5/8” non-stick trim added for stability and strength which makes it an indispensable tool for every oven. It allows perfect heat circulation around the food, preventing soggy, uneven cooking & ensuring CRISP food every time! Fantastic results are achieved using the Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat: Pizza, oven fries, baked potato, pies, pastries, spring rolls, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, bread rolls, baguette, turnover – anything with a puffy pastry… They will all come out deliciously crispy. Food will just slide off the Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat. The Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat is non-stick so there is no need to add oil or butter! Ideal for fat-free cooking!

Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat Dimension: 14.5″ x 14.5″

Non-stick crisper allows steam to escape, avoiding soggy food and prevents sticking. reusable on both sides.

On the grill and in the oven: Keeps small or delicate food from falling through the grates.

Perfect for fat-free cooking!

Freezer, microwave, and oven safe up to 500° F.

UPC code TC1414X1:   890906000309

How the Oven Crisper works

$ 8.99
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